You are invaluable - Day of Cleaning 2022

On Monday 20th of June it was Day of Cleaning.

On that day we wanted to thank all our domestic helpers for their daily efforts.

Due to the corona measures, it is even clearer how important the job of a household helper is and how they give the best of themselves every day. For us they are unsung workers, even unsung heroes!

Thank you for leaving a lot of nice messages for the household helpers this year. Thanks to your help, we made Day of Cleaning a dazzling event!


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From: Benny

To: Frieda

Hey Frieda ,
Wat voelt het fijn om steeds thuis te komen in mijn gepoetst huis , dank u voor al het werk dat je reeds deed en nog zal doen .

From: Diane

To: Nadia Laurette

Bedankt dat u komt bij ons poetsen en ons huis zo glitter doet.

From: Anita

To: Maria

Merci Maria d’être là pour moi et de me faciliter quelque peu ma vie . Merci aussi pour le bon travail effectué depuis pas mal d’années.
Gros bisous

From: Belinda

To: Jolanta